KTM 950/990 ultimate Engine Covers set - Billet aluminum and HDPE

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Get the ultimate combo.

Clutch side: Billet aluminum (replaces the stock).

Available in two styles.:

  1. Standard with TripleClamp Moto logo only.
  2. HeavyEnduro edition with addition of HE logo plus.

Stator/Generator side: 3mm thick HDPE plastic. (goes on top of the stock cover)

KTM 950 and 990 of all models have the rear brake leaver right against the clutch cover, this can cause some trouble if the bike is dropped on the right. Stock clutch cover is made of cast aluminum and it's only 2mm thick. Cast aluminum by its nature, is bridle. That means when the bike is dropped on the right side, chances are the brake leaver (or a rock, etc) can shatter the clutch cover. A large enough hole can completely disable the bike. Billet aluminum is a lot stronger and can bend/absorb the impact much better. In fact, we have never heard of anyone puncturing our covers. They are also a few mm lower profile than stock, giving you a bit more room to cover the rear brake.

For more info about the billet cover see the product page.


  • All KTM 950 and 990 of all years and models (Adventure, Super Enduro R, SM, SMR etc)
Please note that HDPE engine covers are made of impact and abrasion resistant materials and may appear to have an inconsistent finish and overall look. The priority and focus of these covers is to provide the utmost protective function and so the insides may appear rough, the outsides may have fine marks or similar and the bolt spacers may appear roughed in. This is the nature of the material and the manufacturing process and in no way do any of these subjective blemishes affect the covers’ ability to protect your engine cases from abrasion and minor impacts.

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