SubStraight SE for KTM 950SE/SM Subframe Reinforcing Brace

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Don’t submit to a substandard subframe

KTM advises owners of the 950 Super Enduro R and 950SM models not to load more than 5kg onto the tail section over the subframe -- the non-orange alloy structure under the seat and rear plastics. In reality, many riders do load on more weight than that. If you do this, your subframe will eventually crack and possibly break. And that’s entering a world of heartbreak, expense and hassle you want no part of.

Welding works, but…

Until now, the fix for SE/SM/SMR owners was to remove the subframe, take it to a welder, get the cracks welded up and some additional tabs, gussets and nubbins added in. It works fine, but costs at least $250, plus it’s a pain in the rear – yours and your bike’s – because you must also remove, then reinstall, the shock, mufflers, plastic seat tray, taillight assembly and wiring harness.

And we are talking welding, meaning heat scorching all the protective silver paint off your beautiful alloy, which needs to be repainted after welding.

Why weld when you can SubStraight?

One of our SEs had its subframe crack around the bolt holes that support the back rack when its owner installed a top box there, jammed it full of tools and tallboys, then went offroading. And so the SubStraight was born...

How it strengthens

The SubStraight is a lightweight precision-engineered laser-cut stainless steel brace. It wraps around and over the subframe, transferring load from the weakest area at the back toward the strongest in the middle, where it has double tubing. It also bridges the gap at the rear-most section. This reinforces all the subframe's vulnerable areas against cracks and breakage.

Easy installation

Installation takes about an hour and requires a few basic tools. You'll need to remove the seat, plastic body panel below it (4 bolts, 2 screws), muffler brackets (4 bolts) and tail assembly (8 screws). The SubStraight then wraps around the subframe, bolting into it and bracing it via the four muffler bracket bolts.

SubStraights are manufactured with two extra M6 screw-holes. These are for optional use, and will require the drilling of two additional holes into the subframe. We don't feel this is necessary, but included the option for those seeking maximum rigidity.

Engineered & manufactured by TripleClamp Moto in North America.

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