Scotts Steering Stabilizer/Damper

Scotts PerformanceSKU: SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4031-45

Link Arm:
Damper Type:
Sale price$715.00
Available (will ship with a delay, contact us for delivery estimate)

Possible shipping delay notice:
Due to high demands for Scotts Steering Dampers and production delays at Scotts manufacturing plant, if your order includes a Scotts Steering Damper, there may be a delay of 1 to 3 weeks in shipping your package. We receive weekly shipments of dampers from Scotts and fulfill orders on a first come first serve basis.


Scotts damper with your choice of linkage arm.

We will send you an off-road version unless you specify in your order that you want a road version. You can leave us a note at the check out.


Part Numbers:

Option name Mfg. Part No. SKU Stock
  Flat +5mm / Off-road (Dual-sport) 4200-04 & LKM-4031-45 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4031-45 Available
  Flat +5mm / Road 4200-08 & LKM-4031-45 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4031-45-ROAD Available
  Flat Standard (40mm) / Off-road (Dual-sport) 4200-04 & LKM-4031-40 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4031-40 Available
  Flat Standard (40mm) / Road 4200-08 & LKM-4031-40 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4031-40-ROAD Available
  No linkage arm / Road 4200-08 SCOTTS-DAMPER-NO-ARM-ROAD Available
  No linkage arm / Off-road (Dual-sport) 4200-04 SCOTTS-DAMPER-NO-ARM Available
  Stepped +8 stepped / Off-road (Dual-sport) 4200-04 & LKM-4032-48 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4032-48 Available
  Stepped +8 stepped / Road 4200-08 & LKM-4032-48 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4032-48-ROAD Available
  Stepped minus 5 / Off-road (Dual-sport) 4200-04 & LKM-4032-35 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4032-35 Available
  Stepped minus 5 / Road 4200-08 & LKM-4032-35 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4032-35-ROAD Available
  Stepped Standard (40mm) / Off-road (Dual-sport) 4200-04 & LKM-4032-40 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4032-40 Available
  Stepped Standard (40mm) / Road 4200-08 & LKM-4032-40 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-4032-40-ROAD Available
  TripleClamp Moto Flat +12 ARM / Off-road (Dual-sport) 4200-04 & TCM-12 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-TCM+12 Available
  TripleClamp Moto Flat +12 ARM / Road 4200-08 & TCM-12 SCOTTS-DAMPER-WITH-TCM+12-Road Available

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